About our Ella
Ella Marie Hamilton was loved from the moment we knew her in our hearts.  Ella lived with anencephaly for three and a half of the most beautiful days I've ever known in December of 2015.
In the wake of her death I turned to my longtime hobby of soapmaking to bring me solace and peace.  I've now turned this hobby into a platform for loving, remembering and honoring my daughter, and sharing her beauty and strength with the world.  Our Ella was - and is - an amazing little girl who did wonderous things.  Some of her stories have been written.  If you'd like, please read them here.
Ella continues to bless our lives in so many ways as we learn to honor each other's grief process and love each other - and ourselves - through our bad days.  We are seeing more good days as we watch Lennox and Iris grow, laugh and play.  Ella is very much still with us; her presence shines into our lives daily.  We know very deeply that Ella has touched the lives of so many people.  It is my purpose to see that she continues to inspire people and to bring hope, faith and love to those who need it.
If love could have saved our little girl, she would have lived forever.