​About our Mission
​​​Ella's Soapbox is committed to making safe, natural soap and to helping understand the causes of anencephaly and neural tube defects.  We donate 5% of our profits to anencephaly research and another 5% to non-profits dedicated to supporting families during and after pregnancy and infant loss. 

In October of 2017, we held the Inaugural Ella's Rainbow Walk to Remember Pregnancy and Infant Loss.  More than 100 people came to walk, to support, to remember and to share.  Thanks to these beautiful people and our wonderful sponsors: Tom and Laurie Baldwin (Ella's Grandparents), The Mason Jar Cafe, Scott R. Gane Photography, Drs. Barrett and Driscoll, After Birth Service - Michigan Placenta Encapsulation Services, and Revive Self Spa, we were able to donate $1000 to Duke University Neural Tube Defect Research Study and $1000 to Share Preganncy and Infant Loss Support.  We look forward to our 2018 walk!

​Click HERE to see pictures from our 2017 walk!