​About our Soap
​​​Ella's soap is made with high-quality organic and all-natural ingredients.  Depending on the recipe, our soap ingredients include: organic oils, organic calendula wax, natural clays, seaweed, organic spices and organic essential oils.
Many batches have been made and tested to find the perfect combinations to share with you!  Our ingredients were selected for their quality as well as for their contribution to a soap that cleans, nourishes and rejouvenates your skin.
Ella's Soapbox uses the best ingredients available.  The term "organic" is used by USDA standards to describe products which have been grown and harvested under strict regulations set by the USDA.  In order to label a product "organic" all ingredints and the process by which the product was made must adhere to strict USDA regulations.  There are natural products that the USDA identifies as exempt from regulations and allows in products labeled "made with organic ingredints" but because the USDA primarily works with the farming/food industry, products used in the beauty/cosmetics industry are not found on the list.  While natural clays are natural and unadulterated, they cannot be marketed as organic by USDA standards.  Additionally, the process of soap-making involves the turning of oils and lye into soap, or saponified oils, a process which is inherently non-organic.  Ella's Soapbox adheres to labelng standards set by the USDA (and the FDA).  If an ingredient is available to us as organic, we will use it.  Where organic ingredients are unavailable, we will use all-natural uncompromised ingredients - or we'll find something else.  It's that simple.  WE want you to know what you're putting on your body and we want you to feel good about your choice.